Friday, February 18, 2011

Formally titled Poem for a girl I will always love

I hate him
out of fear that you will love him
the way he portrays I'm so indie and cool
maybe too cool?
I'm hoping for too cool
that you will see past
the torn brown cardigan
black chucks
coke bottle glasses
and vintage brown leather bag
(just like the ones i keep getting outbidded on)

I read his poetry
he uses words I have never heard of
I'm praying that he relies on a thesaurus
or that he is arrogant
because i know arrogance is something you hate
I noticed he had a girlfriend
and that she is blonde
and bimbo indie looking
that made me smile
you are brunette
so probably not his type
but you are all my type

His poetry is full of cliches anyway
when you read it and compare mine
you'll laugh and say
"baby you are sexy"
and I'll smile with every wrinkle in my body
because then  I won't have to worry
about Mr. I’m so indie and cool
and I will know you love me
even if I can't win a leather brown satchel
or wear coke bottle glasses
or grow stubble on my smooth feminine face
(I'm sure he'll age badly) 

To be honest,
I really have nothing special to offer
except for childish competitions
which you know
I may cheat in
and hide money under the board
but... it will all be for you
I will give you my get out of jail card
Or take your place behind bars

I know I seem a little crazy...but
as long as he never passes go
and I own Mayfair and Park lane
everything will be just fine.

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  1. There's some very good stuff in here

    "And I'll smile with every wrinkle of my body".