Friday, April 22, 2011

The embarrassment of odd socks!

This morning when I went to my sock draw I as per usual just grabbed two random socks. (I don't join my socks together, have always found this pointless when I will just unravel them. I feel the same about making beds also). Anyway, so as I was saying, I grabbed two socks. Now when I do this I do try to get some that relatively match. This morning I was able to find two different football socks from the days of when I succesfully got knocked out, and kicked the ball behind my head when going for goal (true story, I think of it as a talent). When I looked at the socks I thought, hmm, different shades of blue, but no biggy. But then something happened. I started to think about all the times when I wear different socks and end up having to take my shoes off. For some reason I find myself getting ridiculously embarrassed if other people see my odd socks, and therefore make awkward attempts to try and hide my feet. As Winter is approaching I know this is going to get particuarly worse. Here is a picture of my socks today. You can't really tell the distinct difference, and I guess it doesn't help that I'm wearing one sock inside out, but still, they are different shades of blue.

So that got me thinking (oh no I sound like Carrie Bradshaw. Was saying to a friend just yesterday "imagine how good it would be to have Carrie Bradshaw's inner dialogue, life would be so simple. For example - "and that got me thinking, did all men like having hairy balls?""), just in case you have lost track due to all my brackets and stream of consciousness rambling I'm going back to my thoughts. I started thinking about the other things I get embarrassed about. I know I'm a pretty awkward person in general, but I dunno, it seems stupid I go red quite easily. Here is a list of things that also embarrass me starting with the more obvious ones:

1. Going out somewhere and seeing someone else is wearing the same top as you. A femme friend told me today that that is particularly worse when you go to a party wearing matching dresses. The dress issue doesn't happen to me too often, only on Friday's. There are three ways to handle this I have found; either avoid the person all night, put on a jumper, or go up to them and high five them. I tend to go with the last one.

2. While I'm on the matching tops issue I also get very flustered when I see someone with the same car as me. I have now started tooting and waving at them to overcompensate for this, but I'm worried I will cause a crash soon.

3. Speaking when asked a question. I know this seems stupid as I talk a lot, I don't know if anyone has realised but it is only on my own terms. At uni I would always sit there and pre-empt how many people til it was my turn to talk, and prepare my sarcastic two word response in my head. My best defence mechanism - dark,sardistic humour.

4. I hate, hate ordering  food. I feel I always jump in at the wrong time, I never know when the last person has finished, and then when I do order I feel like everyone is looking at me. I deal with this by putting my hand up so they know I am ready when it's my turn, and quickly mumbling my order, which usually results in them asking me to repeat it. Epic Fail!

5. Probably a more common one - I get so embarrassed for other people, particularly on tv shows. Colleen on Home and Away causes this (I use this as my excuse as to why I don't watch it anymore).

In my head before this blog was going to be much more awesome, and I had many more things, but I am stuck. What embarrasses you, and if you know me, have I left anything out?

Leaving you now with my number 1 cheer up song.


  1. Very interesting given they don't look very different. if one was red and the other blue, i would understand but i wouldn't notice with these ... call me blind ...

    or it may be a cultural thing. here in the UK you can now buy socks in 3 packs - with 3 single socks - one black with red diamonds, say, one black with blue squares and a third black with green stripes. themed but different. or it may be a pink a yellow and a brown ... or it may be ...

    this could go on for hours ...

    what they don't give you in the pack (meanies) is the embarrassment to go with it, that is for you to provide in whatever quantity you can muster, though personally I find it hard to get terribly exercised about it when it's become a commercial thang...

    I absolutely LOVE your blog. I dont like the cheer up song, but I do usually like Billy Joel. But your blog is b****y fantastic, you say things I knew I thought but hadn't found the words for yet. keep writing emj. Little prince approves too - have you seen him on the side of your blog? Amazing!

    love and love

  2. i get embarrassed when i have to blow my nose. or eat in front of people which is awkward because i eat a lot and often. i get embarrassed when i laugh too which is painful because i deal with embarrassment by laughing.
    i get embarrassed for other people too and then want to rescue them and then get embarrassed because i might seem pushy or rude or judgemental because maybe what theyre doing shouldnt be embarrassing at all.

    you are brilliant.

    i am proud of odd socks.