Sunday, June 5, 2011

Forever Young

So, for those of you reading this who do not know me let me explain one of my major insecurities. I look ridiculously young for my age. I mean, when I'm a senior citizen they will still be asking me for ID. This used to not bother me, but as I am numerically aging, my appearance is not. Call it Peter Pan complex or whatever you choose, I call it annoying. Don't get me wrong, it's nice to have a youthful face and persona, but it is a little draining when people give you the 'OMG really', 'wow, you look so young', 'you'll love it when you're 50'. When I'm 50??? Sure maybe I will, but newsflash, I'm not 50 yet. 

So here is my dilemma, well rather than dilemma, my curiosity; I spent the first roughly four years of my life, well I guess not really living. All the classical failure to thrive, hospital, blah blah blah textbook language that goes along with it. So basically, I was always much smaller, and younger looking than toddlers of my own age. Therefore, I have wondered whether I ever actually caught up on that. Hence, leaving me looking and being emotionally young my whole life. I have not yet researched the theories behind this, but it is something that has lingered in my mind for some time.

As a teenager I was always the girl that got along better with the boys...because it appeared my mindset was of boys my age, not girls. This was particularly evident in my youthful behaviour. While the other girls were experimenting sexually I was more interested in pretending I was Michael Jordan and commentating my solo basketball matches. When a boy was around my first words were "wanna play mario kart?", while the other girls were using the time with their boyfriends much differently. Sure, some may argue here about whether this is about sexuality, but honestly it wasn't. I liked boys, my Leo and Dieter Brummer obsession was nearly so extreme it may have needed psychiatric attention. Just in case you are wondering who I am talking about here are some pics.

Now while it is on my mind, I had some strange celebrity crushes as a child. No names needed, here are the pics:

Maybe I did need the psychiatric help after all. Anyway, I have gone way off topic, my point is that I have been wondering why you can not legally change your age. I mean, people can legally change their name, they can get plastic surgery all over their body, they can even change their skin colour, but age? Nope, can't change it. Even though I have a strong argument towards why this has occurred. So until they change the law I guess I will continue to be youthful and innocent. It's either that or a lifetime in the sun, drinking beer, and smoking cigars. Think I'll stick with Peter Pan. 


Here is one of my fav songs I thought would be appropriate for this blog. Night all. 


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