Friday, August 12, 2011

My 10 commandments

Firstly, I do not think I am God. I do not know whether God exists or not. I do agree with the current ten commandments, but I want to write my own. They will cross over with the current ones. These are probably very selfish, hence coming from my own opinion. They may even be similar to what the Little Prince would say. Obviously the commandments could go on forever, but I have taken it from more of a personal 'how to live your own life better' approach, rather than a 'how to stop poverty' approach. Here they are (in no particular order).

1. When you tell someone something make sure you mean it. If you feel something in a moment, think about whether it is just for that moment before you say it. This will stop someone from getting the wrong impression of what you think or feel. Trying to make someone feel good in the short term is only effective if your words say true in the long term. This also applies with being with people physically. Remember this quote "we are forever responsible for what we tame".

2. Try to understand why people are they way they are before you judge them. I find this is a huge problem in this world. Empathy seems to be going out of fashion. If we all learn to walk in each others shoes (not literally, we wouldn't all fit into each others shoes) the world would be a lot less complicated.

3. Rather than judging others judge yourself first. This is a tough one. Everyone is different, we know that. So, instead of judging someone because of their religion, ethnicity, sexuality, etc, step back and look at yourself and ask "why am I uncomfortable with that? What about me have I not yet accepted?".

4. Do not talk badly about other people if you are not willing to talk to that person about the issue you have with them yourself. If you are not willing to talk to that person you probably don't know them well enough anyway. If you don't know them well enough refer to commandment 3.

5. If you are not fit to have children do not have them. Seriously, humans should be infertile, and then tested to see if they are fit to have children. If you have things from your past you have not dealt with, you should try get this sorted first. If you do not know how to treat others fairly sort this out first. Basically, unless you know you will not repeat unhealthy patterns do not have kids. I'm not saying everyone repeats patterns, sometimes great things come out of the bad, but make sure you are able to give your child consistent love.

6. Learn to be objective. I think in order to be objective one must learn the art of being able to see things from all perspectives. Of course, it's great to have opinions, but before you argue your side make sure it is informed, and that you can see the other point of view. In order to truely understand something I believe it is essential to see all aspects of it.

7. Treat yourself with respect. This involves treating others with respect, and not letting someone treat you badly. I understand that often we do not have a say in this, but if you can see someone or something is not good for you walk away from it. The pain in the process will be hard, but in the long run you will be better off.

8. Learn from every experience that you have. Whether it be a relationship, a friendship, a day at work, reflect and learn. What did you do that worked? What did you do that didn't work? How can you take what happened in the situation to improve a future situation? If we do not learn from things we essentially spend our whole lives in pointless experiences. Of course, joy is essential, but if something didn't work, well find out why. Best way to make it work next time.

9. Treasure the people in your life that love you for just who you are. Rather than trying to get everyone to like you (I am the worst culprit at this) look at what you have and appreciate it. Those that really know you and love you for you will stick around. If they don't, well either ask yourself if they really knew you, or whether you were treating them fairly. If you weren't, well learn from it and don't treat someone like that again.

10. If you are not happy with a situation change it the best you can. So many people I hear whinge about their lives. They don't like their work, their relationship, the lack of time they have. Yet, they are the ones with the power to change it. I don't know how many lives we get, but if it's just one then you would want to do the best you can to enjoy it.

That is all for now. Feel free to add or argue with mine, or simply say "what does she know about life?". I don't even know why I felt the need to do this. Just wanted to write something other than a story at the moment. I am yet to look over and find all the possible contradictions of this post.

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