Monday, September 12, 2011

Unfinished piece

‘Look at me’ she said
‘I can’t
You might see what I don’t understand
You might see the fear
And when I look at you
I hold my breath’.
I looked away
Something obscure to her
Something she did not know
She knew people
when I did not look at her
She felt unwanted
When it was the opposite
I wanted too much
Oceans apart
And with one glimpse
I was shaking

She soon stopped asking me to look at her
And instead asked someone else
Who would stare her right in the eye
And lust
And want
And need
‘she’s safe’ she said
‘she will never hurt me’
little did she know
I was just as scared as her
She said I read her too well
I was part of her
broken children
Putting together puzzles
that could never be complete

In protecting ourselves
We lost each other
When she looked at me
I stared at the ground
When she was not looking
I stopped breathing
Until we both shut down
What fools we were
Knowing what we could have had
But too frightened to look
For longer than a moment
Because what she knew
And what I knew
But could never say
Is all it takes is a moments gaze
to find the missing pieces
of the puzzles.

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