Thursday, October 20, 2011


It does not matter how you touch me
How you move yourself inside me
Rip at me
Pull at me
And hover over my back and mind
I am only atoms
My pain does not exist
What I feel is insignificant
What you feel is everything
I have mastered the art
Of moving out
And disappearing into other worlds
Of virtual realities
And letters and words and numbers
You know the art
Of controlling and powering and dominating
I can live in both of my worlds
And be safe from harm
You can not
So I sacrifice myself for you
Become your lamb 
Let you take over my body and mind
If I whimper, I do it silently
If I am disappearing, you will never know

I give you my blood
So you can feed off me
I will not let you go hungry
To break you, is to break me
To hurt you once
Turns me into a monster
A giant full of destruction
Instead I camouflage
And smile and tell jokes and stories
Forever remaining a child
Forever loveable
Forever yours

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