Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Things that make me go GRR!

1. People standing side by side on escalators and travelators
Seriously, use your brain. Not everyone is as lazy as you, or has the time to stand there waiting for the snail pace escalator to reach the top. Have some courtesy and stick to the left so others can get past.

2. Passive aggressiveness
If you are ever angry at me, please just tell me. I do not want to spend all my time trying to work out what I may possibly have done wrong. I will rarely get it right, and instead try to fix everything I think I could have done wrong, thus giving you more reasons to be annoyed at me. No one likes walking on eggshells, or lego, or fire, so just tell me what the issue is so we can talk about it and move on.

3. People not thanking you when you let them in while driving
I know this annoys a lot of people. How hard can it really be to just give someone a wave to show appreciation? I will probably mention this a few times, but I can't work out if people are ignorant, stupid, or just plain rude.

4. Snoring
I know it is of no fault of the person snoring, but damn it makes me angry. I have been know to hit, kick, and maybe even put a pillow over the head of a snorer. It is even worse when staying in hostels. I really believe that if I ever murder someone it will be due to their snoring.

5. Bad grammar
Refer to my previous blog entry 'Grammar Nazi'.

6. People talking on their phones at the gym
How can you possibly get a proper work out while on the phone? What annoys me even more is when they do not have hands-free. Firstly, holding the phone is definitely not going to improve your exercise. Secondly, I do not want to hear your loud conversations about your boring life. Shut up!

7. People slowing down to watch something on the side of the road (which ends up being someone simply changing their car tyre)
You know the story. Stuck in a traffic jam. Can't work out why as it's not peak hour time. Get to the place of the jam, and there is either a car accident, a police car, or someone changing a tyre. Then as soon as you pass the scene, traffic clears up, and runs smoothly. GRRR!

8. Litter
Not only does litter pollute the environment, but it is ugly to look at. Unless crows are attacking the bins there is no excuse for this. How hard is it to put things in a bin? It also frustrates me when I ask a student to help me pick up papers, and they tell me it's not their rubbish. Who cares? If people only cared about themselves then the world would not be a very nice place...oh wait.

9. People smoking out the front of exercising venues
I find this to be extremely arrogant. Have some respect people. If others are exercising near there they are obviously interested in keeping healthy. Rude!

10. People listening to their music without headphones (or extremely loudly with headphones) on a train
The even more frustrating thing about this is the ones who are arrogant enough to do this, are the ones with the worst taste in music. Read carefully - no one wants to hear your music while on a train. Get over yourself and think about others.

You know who doesn't annoy me. Lauren Graham. She is perfect.

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