Wednesday, January 15, 2014

Greek Adonis

I remember the day I proudly told my therapist that I had found the key to happiness
I told her “I will never love again”
I told her that I will be strong and not let anyone break my cast-iron heart.
That I will be strong enough to walk away from beautiful women
That I will be strong
My god…I was wrong
Because then I met  you
And you were too beautiful to walk away from
And I said to you
Here is my tattered heart
And you can break it into a million pieces
For you…it is worth it
Even if I can never put it back together
For you…it is worth it

You opened up the dictionary 
and showed me the definition of strong
Not locking up myself like some gutless bully in a playground
but by saying here is all of me
and I know if this ends I will want to die
and I can imagine all the pills I will take to stop the pain
and I will probably end up in a psych ward
screaming “I love you. I love you. I love you”
but loving you is worth that risk
it’s worth the panic attacks every damn time that plane lifted off
and the fear of seeing a snake in the country
and no that isn’t a metaphor for a penis
it’s worth saying “I have an attachment disorder
but baby, I’ll attach to you like a lost three year old
and curl into the foetal position if you go".

I realise now I wasn't wrong
when I told my therapist that "I would be strong"
Because now I have biceps and a 6 pack to grate cheese on.
You my love
You make me as strong as a Greek Adonis
I could take on anyone with you by my side
When they question “do you even lift?”
They will regret even asking
My god! 
With you by my side I could be in the Guiness book of Records
Because you my unicorn
You have made me the strongest person alive.
Now let's wrestle.

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